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TBK machine set up oversea warehouse in USA

Jul 05,2022 | TBKmachine

TBK Shenzhen is a comprehensive international factory, located at Longhua District Shenzhen Guangdong Province, works under the principle of focusing on good technical innovation and marketing demands since it was founded in 2013


Our prodcuts includes as follows.


Back glass removing laser machine TBK958A, TBK958B, TBK958C, TBK958F, TBK958M, and TBK958ML


Bubble Removing machine TBK208M, TBK308, TBK308A UV, TBK408A, TBK508A, TBK808A, TBK908, and TBK108C


Freezing separating machine TBK578, TBK588A, TBK588, TBK588D, TBK598, and TBK108P


Heating separating machine TBK006, TBK988, TBK988N, TBK988Z, TBK988C, TBK988X, TBK258UV, TBK988D, TBK968C, TBK568M TBJ958D, TBK568, TBK288 and TKB238


As world-wide famous manufacturer of "mobile phone repairing equipment",

TBK has spreaded its brand products all over the world including mainland China, South and North Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.  

With its stable quality and good after-sale services, "TBK" has developed herself as the leader brands among the "mobile phone screen repair equipment" industry worldwide.

Now, TBK Machine Factory has set up one warehouse in the USA to shorten the transportation time for the delivery of goods and to ensure that the delivery is more timely.


TBK Shenzhen

July 5th, 2022